No-Vig / Vig-Free Fair Odds CalculatorBack

How do I work?

A No-Vig Odds Calculator lets remove the vig, applied by Sportsbook to generate an edge over the bettor. Enter the odds of both sides of the potential bet. The vig-free odds and no-vig probabilities will return as enter the odds of both sides of a bet and generate vig free odds to see the actual implied probabilities win percentage you are getting.

Why use this calculator?

Odds are all based on probability. They are created by some of the sharpest bettors and linesmakers in the world. In order to see your true value of your wager, removing the vig will give you a better understanding of the probability of your bet cashing. Sportsbooks make their edge by creating a vig. Locking in a wagers where your positive expected value winning percentages are higher than what Sportsbooks are offering is a long term path to success.